Red Sand & Black Sun

Mission 1- Slaves in the Pit

The characters are each captured by slavers who are trying to meet the deadline set by Andropinis to build a towering new statue of the ever-living dictator at the very center of the city. During their enslavement, they are each randomly selected to go to a nearby Patrician’s estate to harvest his crop. There the master of the house, Jingrice Immium, and an acquaintance, Brendos Mal, who also happens to be a patrician sit under a shading tree and both men observe the characters and their labors when Brendos comments on the waste in using obvious warriors and fighters for manual labor and offers to buy them. He sends his manservant, Therai Sunslip to retrieve the party the following morning. Brendos is a callous man whose only interest in the party is their prowess as gladiators. He casually remarks that he is interested in both “winners” and “losers” and purchases all of the characters.

The party is given their first good sandscrub in ages, told that they must rely on each other for life or death, and are given living quarters with actual beds and plenty of food. They are also given gear (which Therai keeps in his room, separate but adjacent to the party’s) to replace the stuff taken from them as slaves. This includes Abraxas’ silver piece, Hakka’s stringed instrument, TaNiik TaNiil’s drum, and a selection of terrible mismatched knives and the smelliest leather armor in all of existence for Tom.

In order to prove their worth, the party must undertake the dangerous task of hunting and capturing an id fiend that has been lairing in Mount Laeron. The party enters the canyon near the mountain and does battle with a multitude of horrible stirges and eventually, the id fiend itself, which they dispatch with ease (thanks in large part to a spectacular finishing move by Tom).


Gunthru Gunthru

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