Red Sand & Black Sun

Mission 2- Hatching a Plan

The characters begin the session traveling back through the Mount Laeron canyon towards the Mal estate carrying the body of the id fiend. When they arrive Therai attempts to escape notice from the waiting party of several guards, Brendos himself and Seeshesh. When the id fiend is revealed Brendos calls Therai over, trapping him with his notice. Apparently Therai was ordered to bring the id fiend back alive but ignored the order because it placed the party in too much danger. For this Brendos is furious and desires Therai’s apology, which he gives. When Brendos presents his house ring to Therai however, he refuses to kiss it, causing Seeshesh to break his arm. This act sends Hakka into a frenzy and he charges the guard captain. Hakka is thrown by Seeshesh’s psychic powers into the far fence and wounded gravely. The scene is cleaned with a merciless efficiency and the characters are rushed off into the house, given a sand scrub and their wounds are checked by a old medicine man. A young woman servant tells Tom that the group is favored before the characters are tossed back into their own room.

Later that night Brendos comes and confirms the high status of the party and gives them a treat of fried Inix. The characters briefly discuss Hakka’s fate but must rest uneasy without any closure. The next morning a semi-broken Therai brings the characters a lavish breakfast of fresh fruit and at questions about last nights actions, they learn that Therai is the son of Jingrice Immium. He was born by the union between the lord patrician and a tiefling concubine. The other Balic noble houses looked poorly on the bastard child and forced it to be sold into slavery and the mother was killed. The child was bought by house Mal who has kept Therai since and never allowed him to travel far outside of Balic. The characters also learn that Seeshesh cannot truly rip people apart and that the show of force given to them when they first became slaves was just a ruse to keep them in line. Therai then tells the characters that Brendos has a surprise for them but he does not know what it is.

The characters are later led into Brendos’s office and told that the opening ceremony in the arena has been moved up to celebrate the new statue of Andropolis that has been built in the center of Balic. Brendos has gotten them a trainer to get them ready since he was so impressed with their performance with the id fiend. The characters are then led outside and meet their new trainer in the courtyard Rhamil Sandfinger, who was given his last name because he threw his own cut off finger at a foe in his last bout in the arena. The old dwarf runs the characters ragged and pelts them with bags of wood and rocks to make them tough (or kill them?).

The characters are at last taken to the arena in Balic called The Criterion and handed over to the arena guards. They are taken to a large open air area where they are offered foul food and get a chance to mingle with the other arena fighters. They see a “arena legend” called the Horned Demon who is a massive minotaur with a metal stud through his nose and boats a powerful crystal axe which he hews beasts and men in two with. Tom shanks a man who tried to blackmail him and gets away with it.

When the characters are called to the arena it is to fight against silt runners who wind up being quite a handful, but are defeated and thanks to Therai’s efforts (and a sweet one-shot finisher move from Tom), the group is done for the day after that bout.

Upon returning to the Mal estate the characters talk in their room late at night and are joined by Therai. They conspire of ways to escape and share some information about themselves. It is devised that the best way to escape may be to perform well in either the arena or in the field so that Brendos drops his guard around them and takes them out on the silt where the characters can take care of all their loose ends.


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