Red Sand & Black Sun

Nibenay at Last

The session begins with Sorin, Tanark, Tom, Kacha’ak, Clem, Irastus and Mul chasing after the fleeing defiler who runs into a long and narrow canyon at the back of the rocky area. Abraxas and Therai go to aid the prisoners who were under the mental control of the psionic human among the cultists, but now that they are freed they are panicking. Both tiefling and dray approach and the older and younger woman and manage to talk down the elder of the two, but Abraxas has to resort to slapping some calm into the younger just to get her bonds off. All the while Brokenscale is taking in the smell of the battlefield as he cleans his weapon and checks the bodies for valuables. Drokan goes to speak with the other former prisoners back at the mounts.
Meanwhile Sorin attempts to block the defiler’s way by causing an avalanche in his path to little avail. Running past the rocks she did knock down from the canyon wall, the defiler struck back by doing the very same thing with his powerful lightning, causing several good sized rocks to fall between the party and the dark wizard. Kacha’ak makes short work of these rocks by jumping a grand distance over them. Sorin remembers that the ritual she was using to cut through obstacles for their mounts is still working and activates it’s power to help herself, Tanark, Tom and her veiled alliance allies move quickly through the mess. Kacha’ak arrives through the dust and rocks first and sees the defiler just as he teleports into any one of a dozen small winding canyon-ways. When he reaches the junction between them all he listens to find the culprit. Just as the rest catch up he tells them to guess one of the two paths that he is sure the defiler is down. Sorin searches for magic and comes up with the same information. One of the two paths is correct. Tom however knows exactly which path the defiler is down since Spit his demon is following him from the air, but does not mention which. Kacha’ak and Tom choose correctly with Sorin and the other three taking the other path. Their are tense moments of chase before Sorin and her crew realize that they have gone the wrong way and turn back to take the other path. Kacha’ak and Tom are slowed by a natural barrier, a wall of rock with a single small hole in the middle (which the wizard teleported through) The party comes together again when Sorin also makes use of her natural ability to teleport as an eladrin and cuts out the time the other two had to use to climb up and over the obstacle.
The defiler is fianally pinned and a fierce battle begins with magic shooting back and forth and the blades of both the half-elf and the kreen dealing enough damage for a final powerful shot by Sorin to finish the job. As the defiler lays dying on the ground he tries to reach out and whisper a word, but suddenly is crushed by a huge unseen force that smashes his body into pulp. Sorin can see a powerfully magic symbol which she knows is the symbol of Orcus, which she takes note of, and Tom feels the presence of a demon. After the group gets abruptly over their shock, they leave to return to the others in the group.
The group arrives back with the others and together they speak to the goliath Grum and several of the other prisoners who tell the party that the cultists did horrible things, but also that they had a wagon of supplies nearby that they take the party to. After rummaging inside, the group finds three potions inside a locked and trapped box that are used to knock people out. When exiting the wagon several members of the party notice that Grum has a bad infection and will surely die soon. Abraxas mentions it to Brokenscale wondering if they should do something about it, Brokenscale’s response is why? He wonders at the burden taking care of the goliath would be and says not to bother, but Abraxas insists and has Therai aid the half-giant.
Together the expanded group uses the wagon and mounts to ride across the last of the Stormclaw Mountains. The newcomers are wary of the group with so many strange people, and the fact that they are obviously lethal doesn’t help either. During the last night of their journey the air grows bitterly cold and the group has to huddle together next to fires for warmth. Sorin and Kacha’ak aid two of the former prisoners in staying warm. During this time Kacha speaks in Kacha’ak’s head. The ancient kreen tells Kacha’ak that the group will soon be in Nibenay and that his time to choose if he is going to clutch is now. Kacha’ak decides that it is time to clutch with the group and goes out herb hunting to find some special flowers for making tea. When he returns from his hunt it turns out he has been successful and brews the tea. He then pours and gives a cup to Tanark, Abraxas, Sorin and Tom and says that this is a part of a ritual to become clutch with non-kreen; a symbol so they can feel involved in the process.
After the moment of comradeship the group begins to feel strange and together are sucked into a vision of Kacha’s past. Their they see Kacha’s clutch arguing around a fires light in a unknown desert with strange stars in the sky above. A human with dreadlocks and a spiked chain named Bardis, the dwarf Yarnath and an elf girl all make up the kreen clutch. They argue about Kacha needing to leave the group for all their safety. The party can clearly see the demon mark of Bejein on Kacha’s chest. The warrior Bardis desires to go and kill Bejein now and be done with him, the dwarf Yarnath wants to go and find someone called the “preserver king, beyond the glass” and then go kill Nibenay. All but the elf girl agree on one thing, that Kacha needs to leave the group, and for the good of his clutch, the kreen goes.
The party finds themselves back at their own fire in the chill air of the night. Kacha speaks to the whole party for the first time, telling them that their clutching ritual reminded him of that night; he says the two groups are similar in some aspects. The ancient ghost then reveals what he would not before because until Kacha’ak clutched with the group they were not worthy of this level of trust. Kacha removes the powerful illusion from the khans gythka and unveils that it is an ancient gythka made of blue empress dasil. Kacha says that it was his own weapon that he has hidden away till he found someone worthy of it. It is called the Fifth Arm and it is the true home of Kacha’s ghost, not the crodlu as he had led the party to believe. He also tells the party that the crodlu that Kacha’ak rides is his own crodlu, thousands of years old. The party has a question for the ancient spirit and wonders what the sword vindicator is since it was supposedly connected to this very gythka. Kacha explains that vindicator is one of the seven weapons of Tyr, the ancient leader of the city of Tyr, and the sorcerer king founder of the now free city, before Kalak’s time. The party dwells on the news but can do little more as they need to focus on surviving the frozen night. Thanks to the parties natural fortitude they are able to keep all the sentient people alive, but loose two inix to the frost.
In the morning, the warmth of the sun shines down warming the land and Ka-kliek’s cocoon. The shell finally breaks and much to everyone’s surprise (especially the new travelers that the party saved yesterday) a fresh green Ka-kliek emerges with wings capable of flight and a slue of other new abilities. She is stunned, even frightened of what has become of her, but the party tries to reassure her even as they keep the newcomers from seeing her as much as possible. The kreen woman shows that her skin can now camouflage into invisibility, she can fly, and can create wet blue dasil which hardens almost immediately. With as little fanfare as possible the group travels on.
After a half-day of travel the group finally reaches Bremil Pass and gains news of the road from messenger boys and girls sent from other caravans waiting to pass through the canyon. Nothing is very alarming and the group keeps their heroic deeds under wraps so as not to draw attention. The party lies and says that they came through the mountains, a far less impressive feat. After about an hour the group is allowed to pass through and finds themselves exiting the pass into a forest, the likes of which most of the party has never seen. There the many guards stop the wagon and give the group a warning, specifically to the dray among them. The guards say that their are several cloaked half-giants who are attacking and killing any dray they find nearby and that the two of the should be careful. After the wagon moves on Brokenscale expresses his mistrust of their warning and says they were holding information back. The group has many hilarious mishaps in the forest and are scolded by Sorin for touching so many things. Eventually they exit the forest and see the grand city of Nibenay itself in the distance with it’s spiraling towers and great walls.
On the final road to the city they see dozens of shops have set up outside the city and are catering to hundreds of travelers who are waiting on their chance to enter the city proper because of tight security. The groups wagon is accosted by a beggar who it turns out is actually a member of the veiled alliance and tells Sorin to pull off the road far back from the stalls and wait. The group does just that and eventually another member of the alliance, a mul named Bast Umbumbar rides up in a cobber’s wagon and approaches the party. She makes quick small chat and tells them that after such a long journey their shoes will need some patching up and invites them in her wagon (of course this is all to get the group in a more confidential environment to speak freely) the group goes along and inside the wagon Bast tells the group that she is with the alliance and they have a plan to get the whole group in the city. Tom and Drokan will come with her and act as helpers/cousins to get in the city with her, whom the guards know well and wont bother. Abraxas, Therai, and Kacha’ak will meet with some house Wavir bounty hunters who are due back near the end of the day and with makeup helping, will pretend to be dead bounties and simply ride in with the other corpses that the headhunters got in the dunes. The guards won’t stop a cart of dead men because of the stench, not to mention they are part of the largest and most successful house in Athas. Brokenscale and Clem, Maul and Irastus will get in their own ways. Fianlly Sorin will go into the city with the wagon and Ka-Kliek hidden invisible in the back of it.
The plan goes into effect and Sorin and Ka-Kliek go together with the wagon to the gate. They are stopped by the guards but with the special papers Sorin possesses she gets let in quickly and heads for a veiled alliance safe house where she leaves the very nervous Ka-Kliek. The eladrin then heads to the serpents tower to get to the cliff-side where the noble houses reside. She goes to her own and finds it both abandoned and ill-kept with dust and glass shards everywhere. Furious she then heads to a noble friend, the house of Sarg to speak with her good ally Tala.


Gunthru Gunthru

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