Red Sand & Black Sun

Mission 5- The Death of TaNiik

The session began with the characters going to sleep after Brendos entered the house in a huff and went upstairs and to bed immediately. The party lay down on the hay that covered the floor of their prison-room and awoke in the morning to the sound of knocking on the front door-frame. A messenger arrived with a letter for Brendos. A slave came half-way down the stairs and shushed the messenger since he believed Brendos was asleep still. To the slaves surprise Brendos launched himself down the stairs and snatched the letter from the messenger and read it with a wide smile spreading across his face. As it turned out, the talks with the leader of the town, Bruthambar, the dwarven leader of the rockcutter clan had concerned suspicions that the rival house Tomblador had been coaxing the giants of Ledo into attacking the new under-construction bridge. The bridge is very important to the cites expansion but would cripple Tomblador’s bread and butter, the silt trade in the region. Bruthambar had his suspicions but would not move on the prospect until he had clear proof of treachery. The letter stated that he had found his proof and was asking the house Mal to join with house Wavir to rid the town of Tomblador. Mal, loving nothing more then to harm the rival house, was more then happy with this arrangement. He immediately called the guards and Seeshesh to a quite meeting in the dining room.

Theari listened into the conversation for a moment then informed the rest of the party that Brendos intended to send the guards to take care of this business. This was alarming since Theari believed this was the “opportunity” that the Veiled Alliance had hinted at in their secret meeting, but it was not going to the party after all. Theari, after speaking to the rest of the group went into the dining room and attempted to convince Brendos that the party instead of the guards should be allowed to go on this mission. It was a hard sell, but Brendos gave in eventually though he was not happy with it.

The party was immediately readied for the mission with gear and their weapons then carted off to a meeting with the house Wavir agents who would be joining them. The meeting was half introduction, half planning. The party, with Brendos in front entered the house Wavir complex. They were led into a room in the back with many desks and a large conference table where the meeting would take place. The leader of this outpost of house Wavir was initially surprised that Brendos had decided not to use his guards for this task, but Abraxis assured him of their capabilities and his nerves were calmed. Three agents of Wavir entered the room and introduced themselves. Valsik, an elf who threw chatkchas, Mulak a large Goliath fighter with a kick-in-the-door mentality and Itk’Nassan a Tri-kreen with a nimble step and plenty of agility.

The goals of the raid were two. The first was to kill the dwarf who ran the Tomblador house in the region, Urum Clayshaper. He was an ex-gladiator with a penchant for leaping into battle. He also kept his two Baazrags, Reech and Garber on hand at all times. This would be difficult since he would be guarded by four thugs and two dray from the Suarth clan, known for their use of poisons. The second goal was to collect two tablets that contained back-up proof of treachery. The plan was set and the party sent over to a side street a small ways from the compound they would be raiding.

The chosen method of entry was to have the Wavir group of the tri-kreen, the elf, and the golath draw the dray away from the door while having TaNiik at the back window to spy, shoot and pop into the fight when needed. The main group of players would then enter the front door and kill Urum while the Wavir group distracted the dray. The plan went off relatively without a hitch except that the dray split up, one staying at the door while the other went to take care of the intruders. Both groups, save TaNiik fought a dray while TaNiik shot at Urum through the window while the dwarf ran for safety from an unseen attacker. TaNiik teleported down to the basement floor when Urum got to the stairs and the two (with the Baazrags) fought atop bookshelves in the basement, both fighters using great agility to maneuver around. Finally TaNiik received reinforcements from above and together the joined houses killed the Tomblador agents. In the midst of the battle with the dray outside, the tri-kreen Itk’Nassan was killed but no one came to tears over it. After the battle the party collected the needed items then searched the premise. Tom looked around for a suspected secret tunnel and wound up finding a secret door. The groups opened the door only to find a hidden back room containing an illegal well-tap, allowing the members of house Tomblador to steal water from the above well and a wanted rogue named Lurash, the Yellowskull. A cutthroat of some renown with a bounty to match. A brutal battle ensued as the rogue jumped about wielding his two magical daggers, one glowing red, and the other glowing blue, as well as a short sword to cut and slice with deadly efficiency.

The battle was won as TaNiik struck the final blow and Tom claimed the magical daggers. They seemed to connect to him and he to them, he gave them the names Blood and Water, strangely accurate for their powers.

The group then left just as reinforcements arrived and went to the house Wavir compound to celebrate and tell those involved the good news. They arrived and met a dwarf who offered them some good dwarven ale while they regaled him with exaggerated stories of the events. They made merry late into the night then returned back to the Mal house in Ledopolus with the dwarf. They were met by a very unhappy Seeshesh who stripped them of their weapons then shoved them all, including Theari in the cage and went upstairs. Tom managed to keep his two new magical daggers hidden from the pat-down. The group noticed that the green stone that they had recovered from the caves had been placed on a small table in their room. During the night Tom looked and studied the weapons and discovered a few magical properties on them, the group then went to sleep.

Everyone was awoken in the middle of the night to a huge bright flame engulfing a floating TaNiik. The green stone on the table was sparking and burning, a bright circle of red-hot char was spreading across it’s surface, burning it to an ashen color. TaNiik appeared to be asleep but the fire about him moved of it’s own accord, sending out small tendrils of flame to touch and move across the floor. It began by burning through the bars of the wooden cage, frying them straight into ash then moved towards the front door. Abraxas noticed the stone seemed to be the cause of what was happening and tried to move it outside, but it was too hot to approach. The noise of panicked screams from Therai and yelling of Abraxas and Tom awoke the people upstairs. Brendos’s voice cried to stop the defiler and Seeshesh lunged forward with a battle cry. TaNiik was pulled by psychic force to the edge of the flames and a spear driven through his chest. The weapon was immediately charred and useless and the strange, seemingly living fire lurched towards Seeshesh, burning him fiercely. He staggered back and screamed in pain as the fire wobbled out the door. TaNiik floated into the street before the flames seemed to leave him, shooting up into the sky and leaving his body behind to die. The session closed with Brendos yelling and trying to control the situation as guards and slaves rushed about in a frenzy.


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