The prince of Altaruk, this noble human holds himself with pride and prowess


The characters were first introduced to Arisphistaneles when Sorin contacted the prince, not for his power as the Wavirian lord of Altaruk, but as the leader of the local cell of the veiled alliance. Through their chat they delved deep into the mysteries that have been springing up all over Athas and the uncrowned prince sought to aid Sorin and the New Silt Serpents in arriving safely in the Nibenay tournament so the bladesinger eladrin could act as the veiled’s eyes and ears within a place where no magic user could normally go. Arisphistaneles invited the New Silt Serpents to a dinner on the following night which they attended. Their were several important Tyr merchants who also dined with the prince. Arisphistaneles showed himself to be a man of character who treated the (slave) players like people and eventually revealed his intention to back their arena team in the Nibenay tournament. Through some wheeling and dealing he managed to secure several expensive armaments for the serpents including metal gear. He then proceeded to offer magical items to the group at the cost of performing some after-dinner entertainment for his other guests which they obliged. It is unknown how much of this generosity is because he and Sorin are members of the alliance and how much doesn’t.

After the fights with the gang Kirre’s Eight within Altaruk the prince has now solidly aligned himself with the party and has rewarded their efforts to clean up his city with six magical chalices and probably more to come.


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