Brendos Mal

The former owner of the player's party, Brendos is at once disgustingly superior and annoyingly childish.


Brendos is a short human man with a small belly and curly red hair. He is not handsome by any standards, but the greed and superiority on his face cause him to be far more ugly then that. He wears fine tunics and trousers with shiny leather belts and light supple boots. He carries no weapons and probably doesn’t know how to wield one. He usually has scraggy facile hair and speaks with a high-pitched voice that grates.


Noble of house Mal, Symbol of the Cobra. Brendos cares greatly about obedience and profit. He employeed Seeshesh as his captain of the guard before his untimely death at the hands of a House Tomblador assassin (It was actually Tom). Brendos has shown himself to be a friendly but domineering master who belittles his slaves by treating them like pets. He is adventurous in his investments and loves to tap into high risk high reward style gains.

Brendos has come to greatly enjoy his new arena slaves and has lavished gifts upon them. They now enjoy a extensive leash and even partial roaming of the houses they have been within. He has recruited the dwarf Rhamil Sandfinger to train them for further success. This rise in favor for his new slaves has seen a fall in favor for Therai.

So far in the campaign Brendos has been in the middle of most events in the characters day-to-day lives. He was the hand they had to ask to be fed from, but no longer. The party finds itself free of his grasp at last and is trekking to Ledopolus to find permanent freedom.

Brendos Mal

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