A dashing and debonair half-elf with a quick rapier. He is a preserving warrior of the veiled alliance.


Clem is Sorin’s ally

While in combat, Clem does not occupy a square and instead causes Sorin’s space to become large.

Clem gives Sorin a +2 power bonus to damage on all melee attacks.

If a defiler is in the combat, instead gain a +5 to all damage rolls.


Clem is named for a clementine tree that only bore fruit for his family on the day he was born. He has shown himself to be a romantic, and a dashing figure. He likes to joke around and cause laughs, but it is obvious that he has a serious problem with the world, or else he wouldn’t be a part of the alliance. He is part of the veiled trio sent to get Sorin to Nibenay so she can participate in the tournament there and gather information for the group.


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