Drokan is the head of the dwarven sun-priests of South Ledopolus and the right-hand-man of Bruthambar


Drokan is a craggy-faced dwarf with a stern gaze and wise red-colored eyes. He seems sturdy despite the age on his face and wears his vestments of head-sun priest with pride. Despite the picture, Drokan is beardless but the picture captures his essence.


The characters met Drokan in the sun-temple in South Ledopolus where he talked in a matter-of-fact demeanor with the party about their long journey to Nibenay and the things that may occur on the way. He proved himself a capable leader when the caravan was besieged by Belgoi only two nights later. He is brave and capable and is known by his men to be a voice of reason and advice.

Since that time Drokan has shown other sides of himself, including a bit of espionage and cunning. He possesses several house seals which allow him to trick people into believing that another person sent a letter or to disguise the original sender. He fought with the party in the apartments at Altaruk and was able to survive the blast from the meteor that killed all his fellow guardsmen.

After a intense talk with the party Drokan has put to rests any suspicions he had concerning the sudden arrival of a demon and a judaga in their apartments and solidly sworn to get the party to Nibenay.


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