A tall half-elf with powerful arms. He is a renowned warrior who owns Grak's Pool, one of the few natural springs on Athas.


Grak is unusually tall and muscular for a half-elf and possesses skin browned by the sun. His hands are usually wrapped in white bandages and it is apparent that he is a skilled warrior. He also wears a magical armor crafted of chitin that has a scorpion tail coming out the lower area of his spine which seems to move with his wishes.


The characters met Grak just outside of his mud-brick fortress in the small outlying village within Grak’s Pool. An earthquake had shaken the ground and caused a Mekillot to start and begin thrashing. When Kacha’ak tried to calm the beast it attacked him; luckily a stable hand with a calming voice stopped it and it released the thri-kreen. Grak arrived on the scene not moments later to make sure everything way alright and to congratulate the stable-hand. He and Drokan knew of each-other and Grak became curious about the characters and also introduced himself to them. Grak is a charming and charismatic leader who has a history of conquest before settling down.


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