A blind gynosphinx who guards a pristine oasis.


Hazar is a large sphinx that wears a cloth hood over her head. She appears slender and mysterious with her silent steps and deadly grace. Her blind eyes are white with hazy pupils, but their gaze is a force unto itself.


Hazar is the guardian of a oasis touched by the land behind the wind. She has told the party that she arrived on Athas 2000 years ago when her home was destroyed from beneath her feet by a hideous war between defilers. She allowed the group of newly freed slaves to eat and drink the bounty in her sacred grove, but warned them against overindulging. The former house slaves of Mal were terrified by her, thinking her a demon or dread spirit but none-the-less she offered all present a challenge that they could partake in. She said she would tell them a story and they would prove their hearts to her. If they were pure then she would crown them her champion and give them grand gifts, if they were less then stellar but still not evil, they could go free with nothing to fear. Finally, if they were evil, she would rend them. Sorin, Abraxas, Rhamil and Kacha’ak took the test. Rhamil scored neutrally to the sphinx’s interesting definition of good. Abraxas scored similarly, but because of his willingness to improve himself the sphinx offered to reward him, but he turned her down. Sorin scored well, but not perfect and gained a fortune in gold. Kacha’ak after much questioning was crowned her champion and given a gift that will never leave him and will find his way in the darkest of times.

Deep in the black sand a giant owl and servant of Hazar brought some pak’ach to Kacha’ak. The kreen entered a tent and in seclusion smoked the hallucinogen. He saw a vision of Hazar who revealed to him that the dragon, a great and terrible beast was waking. In it’s wake it would sow destruction and bring about the end-times. The sphinx said that Kacha’ak and the rest of the party must try to stop it in any way they can. She set him on a path to collide with the most terrible beast in all of Athas.


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