A very smart human with gleaming eyes who sees more then most. He is a part of the veiled alliance trio sent to guard Sorin on her way to Nibenay


Irastus is Sorin’s ally

While in combat, Irastus does not occupy a square and instead causes Sorin’s space to become large.

Irastus grants Sorin a +1 power bonus to attack rolls.

If a defiler is in the combat, in addition to the above bonus, Sorin gains a minor-action melee basic attack once each turn.


Irastus is a genius concerning plans, tactics, and causes and effects. He is the leader of the preserving trio sent with Sorin and also their spokes-man. He keeps the others in line and on course. His quick wit can connect things in a huge woven pattern with very little information and most of the time he is right in his guesses. His commanding voice is audible even in the loudest fight and his orders are sound and precise. He has admitted that he is from Draj to the party.


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