Ka-Kliek (Tandi)

A tan kreen girl who has been a slave her whole life in the service of humans.


During a short rest in which Ka-Kliek is active, up to five allies gain a +1 bonus (per loyalty/fear value tier) to their healing surge value.

Once per day during a short rest, one ally may regain hit points equal to Ka-Kliek’s Loyalty or Fear value.

Once per week, at the end of an extended rest, each character gains temporary hit points equal to their level, to a maximum of 10+half Ka-Kliek’s Loyalty or Fear value.
Ka-Kliek must be taken care of with food and water, but will flee of her own accord in combat. She is always slowed. She has 20 hit points per tier.

Current Loyalty- 3

Current Fear- 0


Ka-Kliek is a frail and wounded creature with shy manners and a slaves self-worth. She has been “freed” by Kacha’ak but she does not have the desire to leave and instead follows Kacha’ak around like a pet. She walks with a stick because of her limp, she has only a single antenna, and the chitin on her chest has been ripped off some time in the past. She speaks little and has a quite “don’t notice me” demeanor. She is younger then Kacha’ak at only 14 years old but she seems haggard by her long years as a slave. She was horribly frightened by the Judaga (set on her by Tom) the party met on it’s way to Altaruk and Kacha’ak was unable to console her.

Only two days after the event with the templar Ka-Kliek spoke to Tom and said that she understood his intentions and that he was only doing what was right to save his friend Abraxas from the attention of the Judaga. The two made amends and she said that if Tom could ever sacrifice her life in a similar manner to save Kacha’ak, that the half-elf should do it. Her intentions are mysterious but it seems that she cares little about herself and a great deal for the kreen who freed her from bondage.

In Altarak the kreen female became sick with worry for Kacha’ak who she accused of running into dangerous situations without thought of his well-being. For a few moments it looked as though she would remain angry at Kacha’ak but when the kreen gave her kind words that hinted that he really did care, she greatly surprised her savior by hugging him.

In the Silver Spring Inn Ka-Kliek suprised both Kacha’ak and herself by standing up for herself to an elf waiter who falsely believed her to be a slave. She and Kacha’ak drank tea and performed the dance of joy together.

Ka-Kliek (Tandi)

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