Lord Lashiur Ibbin

A dark and solemn Human man who keeps to himself.


Lord Ibbin is a human who has dark eyes and a hard face. His skin is dark (far-eastern). He is commonly seen wearing expensive but practical clothing.


Lashiur was first met when the characters joined the caravan from Altarak to Nibenay. He was silent for the most part and simply looked on at the numerous other passangers. For the first few days of the journey he stayed inside his custom built caravan without windows. Tom and Sorin became suspicious of him and both began to watch and listen for any sign of danger. Tom has seen the lord coming out of his hot-box of a caravan in which work is obviously being done. Sorin has sense spell-casting coming from behind his closed door and worries that he may be a defiler.

Lord Lashiur Ibbin

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