Lord Mezabran / Bejein, Whisperer of Madness

A noble lord who sponsors the famous fighter "the armored brute". He has a square jaw and ugly features. Something about his manner is naturally cruel.


Lord Mezabran has a face that appears to be falling off his bones, large skin wrinkles and bags under his eyes make him appear far older then he is. His skin is very pale for Athas and his eyes are inky wells. He has a naturally cruel demeanor and causes great distrust in his intentions because of it.

The party managed to piece together from hints and clues that Mezabran is the demon Bejein, an ancient monster who is rumored to have driven a sorcerer king mad. He is also somehow connected to Kacha’ak through battles he did with his ancestor Kacha. The demon killed the kreen warrior but was in-turn wounded for his efforts. The demon has also marked Tom with a demon’s curse which causes him to go onto killing sprees and slay the helpless, but also gives the half-elf access to the deep below and a minion of his own, Spit. Since then Sorin has used a magic ritual to free Tom from the demons curse. After a deadly encounter with Bejein in Altarak which included a judaga that caused Bejein to flee the scene, the party is now very aware that he could always be watching them and is cautious about their next meeting.

Bejein, Whisperer of Madness


The characters have had a number of recent meetings with the ugly noble. Lord Mezabran has been seen on a number of arena circuits by Sorin and has sponsored powerful teams.

When his team, with the ferocious Armored Brute and the potent halfling psychic Yassi was defeated in the finals of the Maladran, he spared all the members save for his most powerful, the Armored Brute, who turned out to be Tassa Thero.

Lord Mezabran has taken an interest in the Silt Serpents and has attempted to put in a bid on them. He came to a meeting held by Brendos but was rebuffed when Brendos didn’t want to sell. The lord was heard breaking glass and yelling in anger at this insult, but eventually left empty handed.

Lord Mezabran / Bejein, Whisperer of Madness

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