Rhamil Sandfinger

Old Dwarf, arena fighter who was hired by Brendos Mal to train his new arena fighters. His methods are rough but effective.


A old dwarf with a shining bald head who always can be seen carrying his trusty walking stick. He wears a leather jerkin and pants held up by a cloth belt most of the time. Rhamil has a hard face. The dwarf’s skin has the appearance of ancient brown leather and he constantly smells intensely of sweat.


In the first few weeks of knowing Rhamil the group only knew him as their trainer. He was a rough teacher who threw rocks at the party in the dark to hone their dodging reflexes.
That may have all changed when Mal’s caravan was attacked on it’s way back to Balic from Ledopolus, Rhamil showed himself not only to be reckless, but also a powerful warrior despite his age. He fought along side the party and a few mercenaries against a hoard of yellow-skull bandits and they proved victorious. After the battle with Brendos’s caravan gone and none of their enemies living he asked to travel with the group to Ledopolus where they will try to make a break for freedom.

Having traveled with the party till Altaruk Rhamil has shown himself to be racist, unpolished, and uncouth. He has also taken a shine to Abraxas and likes to hang around the rest of the party even when he is not quite desired. Rhamil helped to fight against Mezabran in the apartment at Altaruk.

When the party joined the large caravan heading from Altarak to Nibenay Rhamil met with Riswynn Bonecarver and the two took a shine to each other. They have been nigh inseparable since.

Out in the Black Sands Rhamil was saved by the caring hands of Kacha’ak during a powerful wind-storm. The dwarf has turned his view of the kreen around and now wishes to thank him for saving his life at every opportunity.

Rhamil Sandfinger

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