Seeshesh (Deceased x2)

Black human, captain of the guard for Brendos Mal. Hates slaves.


The characters fought against Seeshesh to prove their improving skills to Brendos but lost the conflict quickly.
Broke Therai’s arm for his disobedience.
In Ledopolus Seeshesh was fiercely burned by a strange spirit that had possessed TaNiik. Then he was lit aflame by Abraxis who set the house on fire. He somehow survived these events.
Was killed by Tom during a black-out. As he lay in bed recovering from his burns he was smothered with a pillow.

Because Sheeshesh was killed by Tom while he was under he influence of his cursed mark, after burial the body rose and traveled ceaselessly after the half-elf until it finally caught up with him in Altaruk and attacked him in the apartment the characters were staying at with several of Bejein’s cultists.

Seeshesh (Deceased x2)

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