Tanark Thero (Emerack)

The brother of Tassa Thero who initially hid his name and many other things from the party in their chance meeting.


Tanark is a handsome and capable looking human with a well muscled build and long raven hair which he usually keeps braided down his back. He wields surprising speed and swordplay as well as some minor magic. His special possession is a metal rapier which he revealed to the party when he was spooked into bringing it out by a harmless noise.


The party first met Tanark in the streets of Ledopolus after they just had a run-in with the invisible demon Bejein who the players were surprisingly able to find, but also unable to stop from escaping once he was discovered. Tanark came upon the scene in moments and accidentally revealed both a demon scar like Tom’s on his chest, and his metal rapier in a matter of moments as he questioned the players. Tanark was obviously hiding something and used the fake name of Emerack; Tom and Kacha’ak followed in hiding. The stealth trailing didn’t last long as Tanark saw both of them and called them out, where he learned that someone in the group possessed the demon scar. This led him to reveal a lot of information about Bejein and his guise, Lord Mezabran. The party and Tanark agreed not to attack Lord Mezabran’s temporary home in Ledopolus and instead to travel to his home in Nibenay together and plan a strategy there for killing the invisible demon. (Abraxas made his disdain for this plan apparent but none-the-less eventually gave in to pressure and arguments from the others).

On the road to Altaruk, Tanark re-assumed his alias of Emerack as the group set off for Nibenay. In the stop at Grak’s Pool Tanark helped Tom to think up a plan to kill the elf Xanros Dawntreader, a potential loose end. He suggested that summoning the demon that Tom now controls through his scar might be a untraceable way to make the problem go away, though it sickened him to do it.

After the party left Grak’s Pool and was nearing Altaruk some information came to light that marked Tanark’s sword Vindicator as a special blade, made by the ancient kreen empire for the purpose of killing the demon Bejein. He also revealed that he and Tassa his sister were born twins and possess a unique psychic connection that allows them to communicate over great distances.

In the city of Altarak Tanark ventured out into the streets alone to gather information and missed a deadly battle the characters had at their apartments with the demon Bejein. Tanark arrived late and managed to get a stab in on the demon before it flew away into the night. After that event he agreed to help the party defeat the Kirre’s Eight gang and retrieve the meteor in their possession. The party gained trust in Tanark through this aid and now the characters find themselves in the Silver Spring Inn several days later. Tanark recalls a visit here in his youth and with melancholy remembers his sister and how much he misses her. He gets very drunk and fails terribly in an attempt to get into a bar-brawl with Abraxas.

Tanark Thero (Emerack)

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