TaNiik TaNiil (Deceased)

4'6", 85 lbs., Male Halfling

A charming and handsome young man, Taniik seems to be putting a great deal of effort in keeping his own spirits up since entering slavery. He is a talkative sort who tries to remain on friendly, but not close, terms with all those around him. He keeps his charming and disarming facade up whenever he is around other people. He is a spiritual individual who, if given the chance, performs a daily ritual honoring the spirits. He doesn’t really talk about himself much, preferring to let others do the talking, allowing them to share more then they realize. His small stature and delicate features, at times seem childlike, but his well muscled frame and knowing eyes give lie to that. His skin is deeply tanned to a rich, golden caramel hue. He has shoulder length platinum blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. His teeth are strikingly white and his sharpened canines give is comforting cosmopolitan appearance a disturbingly feral twist. He claims to be a shaman and that his odd abilities come from the spirits and elementals he worships. He is nimble and fierce with a light sword, and can hurl fiery balls of sun-fire at foes. He can be heard chanting praises and thanks to the spirits, as he slices and burns his enemies in battles.

TaNiik was possessed by a fire spirit somehow connected to the green meteor that fell from the sky and was found by the party. While possessed TaNiik was stabbed by Seeshesh, who was fiercely burned in the retaliation, but TaNiik did not survive his wounds and died soon after.


TaNiik TaNiil (Deceased)

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