Tassa Thero (The Armored Brute)- (Deceased)

A woman with short cropped blond hair and a large burn scar covering half of her face. She is also the renowned Armored Brute of the arena circuit.


Lord MezabranThe Armored Brute never removes his mask. Perhaps this is because he is actually the not-that-intimidating Tassa Thero, a young woman in her late 20s with gaunt cheeks and delicate features. No one notices these things though because the only thing they can see is her master’s mark of disfavor, a huge burn mark covering half her head. She is owned by Lord Mezabran who seems a cruel master. She fought in the Maladran with the halfling Yassi and others against the players. When she lost she was glad to go to her death, despite Sorin not being alright with sending her there.


It turns out that Tassa is actually in the grip of the demon Bejein, an ancient creature who keeps her as his pet and will eventually marry her. He has taken a special liking to her for unknown reasons, but her brother Tanark Thero is hunting the demon, and now with the help of the heroes they may be able to free Tassa once and for all.

Tassa as the Armored Brute

Armored brute crop

Tassa Thero (The Armored Brute)- (Deceased)

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