Asteron "The Horned Demon"

A huge powerful minotaur with a metal stud through his nose and a crystal executioner's axe. He is an arena legend.


The large minotaur strides everywhere, making his weight and power known to all who see him. He does not meet eyes with those who he considers lesser then himself. Asteron possesses a crystal executioners axe and a metal stud which pierces his nose.


The characters learned in the Ledopolus arena, the Maladran, that the Horned Demon belongs to a clan of minotaur that run the Maladran called the Gorehorn clan. Also that his name is Asteron. Now that the characters have made a deal with Bruthambar to try and represent the Maladran in Nibenay’s tournament, they will have to face off against this fearsome brute to win the privileged.
The characters did battle with the minotaur under the name “The New Silt Serpents” and to everyone’s shock and amazement, brought him low and won the opportunity to go to Nibenay.

Asteron "The Horned Demon"

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