Therai Sunslip

6'0", 200 lbs., Male Tiefling


Purple Hair, ridges on his face, large slowly curving horns, wears nice cloths.

Therai’s psychis powers have made him a valuable asset to the group, both in blocking mental attacks and increasing the skills of others. He has shown himself to be capable of reading emotions, seeing into dreams, causing muscle relaxation with a massage-like technique, and vastly improving his own long-term healing factor. Therai has explained that his healing techniques do not so much close flesh as they make the wounded feel as though those wounds don’t exist and preventing common problems with continued fighting after being wounded such as bleeding out, tearing open a closed wound, frayed muscles, and fatigue. Therai also has described how he gains a mental understanding of a person he has healed, seeing the internal problems within their bodies and where any scar-tissue may lie.


Therai lives at the Mal estate in Balic. A man-servant of the Patrician Brendos Mal, it seems that Therai uses his psychic abilities to read desires of slaves brought under his care, though to what end is unknown. So far Therai has shown himself to be a straight forward man who does not believe in treating slaves like less then people.

It has been revealed that Therai is the son of the patrician Jingrice Immium. Born through illegitimate means by a tiefling concubine that Jingrice fell in love with. Once born the other nobles looked poorly on the bastard child and demanded that he be put into slavery and his mother executed. Therai was bought by Brendos when he was very young and has been in Balic for all his life. Brendos uses Therai as a lean on the Immium estate, though what he receives for it is unknown.

As the story has progressed Therai has shown himself to be a capable warrior, although he occasionally suffers from bouts of poor reflexes or lack of experience. Though the battles the party has fought they have forged a bond of trust. That trust was put to the test when Lord Immium came to collect Therai after Brendos broke a clause in the tiefling’s slave contract. Therai chose to remain with the party and forsake a chance at a better life in the short term.

-Therai was trained as a psychic by a private tutor in Balic
-He is branded as a slave (a burn mark) and has been one since birth
-His mother was executed after his improper birth thanks to the anger of the other nobles who looked down upon the acts of Lord Jingrice
-Therai’s new chitinous armor has ram horns spiraling on his shoulders. They are not at all like his own slender curving horns that rise upwards from his forehead.
-Therai is very trusting of many people, he is also well versed with the markets of Balic.

Therai Sunslip

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