Tom Grayson

5'8", 152 lbs., Male Half-Elf


Slight in build, almost scrawny, with soft features hardened by a rough life. Has fair skin perpetually burned or tanned by the desert sun, messy, uneven blue-black hair down to his shoulders and striking bright blue eyes. Has quite a bit of scarring on his body, most concentrated on his back from beatings, but also scars from combat.

Tom seems affable enough in person, friendly and outgoing, but there is a shrewd coldness in his eyes behind his friendly smiles. His reaction to emotional situations also seems strangely subdued. Although usually he seems to be in a fair mood, if someone gets in his way his attitude can change to dark and menacing in half a second. Given the chance, he loves to concoct outlandish tales about his daring deeds and his past, often embellishing the truth if not outright lying. He definitely has a case of itchy fingers that he tries to temper with a healthy sense of caution that so far hasn’t caught up with him.


Young and lacking in certain life experience, Tom still seems to be getting his bearings. Time will tell more of his character. At the moment, his dominant concern seems to be just staying alive. He seems to find his fellow teammates amusing at the very least, teasing Therai’s naïveté and trust in strangers and sharing gallows humor quips with Abraxas. TaNiik and Tom seemed to be developing a “partners in crime” bond, going along with each others’ scams and lies. Though not obviously deeply upset by TaNiik’s passing, Tom does seem annoyed by it. Plus he and the new girl seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot…

Tom Grayson

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