Blood is a small magical throwing knife made out of reddish bone.

weapon (ranged)

Blood- Level 3
This red-bone dagger tastes blood and grows accustom to it’s taste
+1 throwing dagger
Property- If blood’s blade touches the blood of a creature, it glows red if that creature is poisoned. After being dipped into such blood the dagger gains a +1 additional proficiency bonus for 1 hour- +4. This bonus may only be gained one time per creature per day.
Power (Encounter)- Trigger: A creature is bloodied or reduced to 0 hit points by an attack made with this weapon.
Effect- The dagger’s owner gains a +2 power bonus to damage rolls until the end of the encounter against the triggering creature, and all creatures that share a creature type with that creature.


This dagger was looted from Lurash the Yellow-Skull. He was fought in the secret basement room of house Tomblador.


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