Chalice of Fellowship

A set of six bronze cups whose magic activates where comrades toast to each other using them


Utility Power * Daily (Standard Action)
Effect: You raise the chalice in a toast, and each ally within 10 squares of you must speak fair words of his or her companions’ deeds. Those who do so and then take an extended rest (without having an intervening encounter) gain 5 temporary hit points at the end of the extended rest. For each additional chalice present during the toast, the temporary hit points granted increase by 2, to a maximum of 15.


The chalices were given to the party by Arisphistaneles, the prince of Altaruk for their service to his city against the fearsome gang Kirre’s Eight, which the party was responsible for bringing down. The prince told the group that back when the city was new and the merchant houses once worked together, the chalices were often used, but no longer. Now that they are gathering dust, the prince has given them to those who can make better use of them.

Chalice of Fellowship

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