Curse of the Helpless

This curse was forced upon Tom by an invisible terror in his dreams


Curse of the Helpless- Level 11
Trigger: The cursed one enters a square within 10 squares of a helpless creature.
Effect: The cursed must roll a saving throw. If the save succeeds then the trigger cannot activate for another hour if active and out of combat, or until the end of the encounter if in combat or until the end of an extended rest if sleeping or relaxing. On a failure the cursed is possessed by the demon mark and goes to kill the helpless target regardless of their personal feelings. If the cursed is interrupted during the killing process they roll a second save, on a failure they attack the interrupter, on a success they snap out of the possession.
After killing the creature, the cursed must roll another saving throw with a +2 bonus, on a failure they rip out the creatures heart and eat it. If they do so, the cursed gains a healing surge.


Tom was attacked by a mysterious shadow in his dreams at the house of Bruthambar in South Ledopolus. In this dream the shadow questioned Tom on his knowledge about the green stone that the party retrieved from the cavern network near the salt quarry. Once the creature learned what it came for it bellowed a laugh, said that “You know nothing” and stabbed Tom through the heart in his dream. When he awoke he possessed a glowing scar on his chest that eventually subsided into a regular scar in the shape of Badna’s symbol. The curse and Tom’s connection to the shadow spring from this scar.
Upon meeting Tanark Thero and learning that the strange shadow in Tom’s dream was actually an ancient demon named Bejein and that Bejein took on a human form under the guise of Lord Mezabran Tom better came to understand the nature of his curse and how to free himself of it. Kill Bejein.

Tom has begun deep and powerful meditation practices in an effort to control the overwhelming anger that pours off him during his possession, he has received a +2 bonus to his saving throws to resist the effects of his curse.

In Altarak Tom discovered in a terrible way that those who die from the curse rise up again as undead horrors and try to kill him.

Thanks to Sorin and her connections, she has come upon a magic ritual which was able to remove the curse once and for all.

Curse of the Helpless

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