Flickers of Faith

A feeling of endless hope in a hopeless world.


Flickers of Faith- Level 4
Legendary Boon
Property- Your number of healing surges increases by one.
Utility Power (healing) * Daily (Immediate Interrupt)-
Trigger: You drop below 1 hit point but do not die.
Effect: Roll a d6. On a 3 or higher, you regain hit points as if you spent a healing surge, plus additional hit points equal to the d6 result.


In the aftermath of the Tembo battle on the road back to Balic from Ledopolus, Sorin and the group sat around the dying fire in the rain when across the wastes and vast distance of Athas came a voice of a mysterious creature. It asked for aid before it was cut off by it’s jailer. The rain soon stopped but the seed of hope had already sprouted.

Flickers of Faith

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