Green Elemental Rock

A green rock that fell from the sky in a green fireball and punched a hole into the ground where it landed.


The rock is quite green and very dense, weighing almost 100 lbs. It is roughly a foot in diameter and it’s surface is rough and filled with slight dips and rises.


While fighting the crystal spiders that laired in the cavern which the rock fell into, exotic writing scrawled across it’s surface that was so tiny it was illegible even if one of the party could read. TaNiik was able to detect elemental energy radiating off of the rock’s surface while the writing was visible. After the writing disappeared, the energy became undetectable as well.
When TaNiik became possessed by the spirit of fire, the stone began to burn and spit sparks as it slowly turned to ash. The remains of the stone were little more then dust and was left to burn in the house that Abraxas lit on fire.

Green Elemental Rock

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