Khan's Gythka

A dasl (thri-kreen crystal) formed weapon that gleams grey in the sun-light. The symbol of a thri-kreen khan is painted on the weapons head

weapon (melee)

Khan’s Gythka- Level 7
The welder of this weapon is respected by all Kreen
+2 Gythka
Property- Whenever this weapon would break, roll a d20. On a roll of 10 or higher the weapon does not break.
Property- You gain a +2 bonus to diplomacy and intimidate checks against Thri-Kreen.
Utility Power (Daily Power)- Trigger- You roll a natural 20 on a social skill check against a thri-kreen
Effect- Gain a +10 bonus to the result of the check.


This gythka was strangely found in the largest tent of a yellow-skull bandit camp. While it was obvious that the bandits hated thri-kreen that does not explain why this weapon was very far from home.

During the battle in the apartment in Altaruk this weapon began to glow after a racial memory about the revival of Kacha; Kacha’ak ancient ancestor. It remained unused during the fight regardless.

Khan's Gythka

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