The Stash

This is all the extra mundane items or supplies the party possesses.


Money gained-
Early Sessions- 1080 GC (27 GC each, 20 on Tom, 1000 on Sorin,)
Recent Session of selling- + 15 each last session for tabbards, + 46 for all items that were sold, split evenly (230 GC total) + 30 for Tom, and Therai; + 60 for Sorin and Abraxas for self-betting. + 117 for 10% of the bets (3SC, 4CC floating) (134 GC 4 SC each if selling the able kanks) (+ 312GC and 4SC each, and bets made for individuals)

2 maces (abraxas has both) (1GC each)
2 crossbows (Sorin and Tom each have a crossbow) (5GC each)
15 bolts (Sorin took 5, Tom took 10). (20SC total)
Abraxas has a khopesh and chainmail from the dead merc. (Khopesh- 4GC, Chain- 8GC)
Abraxas bought a warhammer

6 Adult Inix- (MPH- 3, Miles per day- 30, Normal Load- 220 lbs, Heavy Load- 440 lbs, Drag- 1100 lbs
(Owned by Bruthambar)

4 fine pillows and 2 nice blankets (2-3GC per pillow, 5-8GC per blanket)
Bedroll- 5 (20CC each)
9 days of food, 8 days of water for the party only (2 2/3 days of food, 1 2/3 days water for the party, slaves and Rhamil.) (Survival day is worth 5GC each)
5 filer masks (20SC each)
5 desert clothing (1GC each)
1 small tents (2GC each)
1 huge tent (5 GC)
Distillation kit (10GC)
3 Carts (Owned by Bruthambar)

4 Feybread Biscuits-
Feybread Biscuit- Level 13
Property- A single feybread biscuit weighs one-tenth of a pound and has the nutritional value of a full day’s worth of food.
Power (Healing) Consumable (Standard Action)
You eat a feybread biscuit. For the next 12 hours, you gain a +1 power bonus on Endurance checks and regain an extra 1 hit point whenever you spend a healing surge. (?)


The Stash

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