A metal rapier belonging to Tanark Thero. It was retrieved from his father's grave in Tyr.

weapon (melee)

A shining metal rapier, beautifully wrought and precious. It’s blade sings through the air with quick strikes. The characters have discovered that one section of the blade is less prone to bending then the others, leading them to believe that their is something else encased in the metal.


Vindicator’s history, which has been partly pieced together by the party shows the blade being ancient and used to fight the demon Bejein in the past. Apparently it is the only weapon capable of killing the demon and was forged by the Thri-kreen of an ancient empire for this purpose. As to why the Thri-kreen forged a rapier is beyond the current understanding. The blade has been shown to have a number of magical properties including returning to Tanark’s hand when he calls it. He states that this is because he is of his father’s blood and the sword responds to his heritage. The second it the ability to fight of Bejein’s mind control. When Tom holds the sword he can feel the influence the demon holds over him lessen.

Vindicator did manage to thrust into Bejein’s flesh as Tanark fought the beast within the inner wall of Altaruk but it was unable to kill him.


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