Tag: Sorin's Ally


  • Clem

    Clem is named for a clementine tree that only bore fruit for his family on the day he was born. He has shown himself to be a romantic, and a dashing figure. He likes to joke around and cause laughs, but it is obvious that he has a serious problem with the …

  • Maul

    Maul is the shield of the veiled alliance trio sent to guard Sorin on her way to the Nibenay tournament. He is gruff and powerful preserving warrior and doesn't speak much if he can avoid it. He carries a huge maul which is his name-sake.

  • Irastus

    Irastus is a genius concerning plans, tactics, and causes and effects. He is the leader of the preserving trio sent with Sorin and also their spokes-man. He keeps the others in line and on course. His quick wit can connect things in a huge woven pattern …