The dwarf who owns both cities of Ledopolus and rules the rock-cutter clan. He is trying to build a bridge to unite both of his cities but his efforts are thwarted by the giants of Ledo.


Bruthambar has a beard unlike all other dwarves. He claims this feat is possible because of his illustrious heritage. (he still does not have hair on top of his head despite the picture)


Bruthambar has been met very few times by the party, but he has shown himself to be both surprisingly well informed and to believe the party will eventually be free of slavery. He is aware of the party’s dealings with the veiled alliance and does not seem to care a great deal. He offered the group work should they ever want any. Finally the dwarf asked for the group to offer up a prayer to the ancient dwarf ancestors in the Maladran should they win. When they won, many did just that.
Recently, with the party’s new-found freedom they decided to travel to Ledopolus and find Bruthambar who had hinted that once the party was free he would like to employ them. Upon meeting the powerful dwarf the group and he held a clandestine meeting and made a deal in which the players would compete for the right to represent the Maladran in the Nibenay tournament by fighting Asteron, the Horned Demon. Their victory would ensure to Bruthambar that they were the stronger of the two forces and therefor the best bet to send to the all-important arena bouts. He also stated that if they win, they will travel in luxury to the city of spires and have his personal backing. For the parties willingness to make their bout with Asteron public, despite the risks involved therein, he has offered the group 10% of all bets placed on the day of the fight.
The deal went off without a hitch. The characters won against Asteron and were to be sent off with Bruthambar’s right hand man, Drokan for the long journey to Nibenay.


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