Chief Toramund

This elven chief has shown himself to be crafty and wise. He is the owner and patriarch over the Silver Spring Inn which runs according to his rule.


Toramund is tall for an elf, standing 6’4" with skin made pale with powder and heavily tattooed. He is muscular and handsome.


The party first met Chief Toramund when they came to his inn the Silver Springs. The famous leader of the Silver Spring elves came out to greet them in the lush oasis surrounding the inn and even shook the hands of some of the slaves. It became obvious that the chief is strict and expectant of his tribesmen when an elf acted racist towards Tom’s half-elf blood and Toramund backhanded the perpetrator and apologized by offering free water for the insult. Toramund further showed his crafty nature when his inn was invaded by a band of superior warriors in the form of Abraxas’s dray clan and Toramund was able to insight a resistance from Abraxas’s caravan and assorted rival mercenaries to the bloodclaw clan, loosing none of his own elves in the process of driving the dray out. He seems to have taken a liking to Kacha’ak for his strange manor and honesty.

Chief Toramund

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