Red Sand & Black Sun

The Demons Within and Outside

The session begins with the party finishing up it’s meal in the Happy Lady brothel. Therai mentions that the month of Scorch is finally over and Suns Rest begins tomorrow before heading off to bed, the party notices that the Tiefling looks tired.
Clem, Mul and Irastus enter the Happy Lady but the table doesn’t have enough room for the many of them to sit together.
In just a moment four silken step elves enter the brothel. Abraxas sees something different about one of the elves then the rest of the characters. One of the elves is surrounded by a bright light which dims quickly down to only the area where his heart would be inside his chest. The dray’s artifact shield whispers that the light signifies that the elf is an iron heart. Abraxas chooses not to act on that fact and lets the elves go about their business.
Tom brings up that he would like to find something to do and the other two, Abraxas and Sorin agree to it. Sorin mentions a casino called the Twin Scales that the group could visit. Before heading there Abraxas drops 20 silver at the bar and buys plenty of pitchers for the house.
Sorin splits off from Abraxas and Tom and the duo head into the casino. The pair are able to make out a few nobles as well as many patrons. Tom looks across the casino and can see a Thri-kreen named C’tl from his homeland of Draj. The half-elf makes an attempt to avoid the kreen who is playing games. The two head to the bar and Tom scans the crowd. In a moment Sorin enters the casino under disguise and gives a look around before heading towards the two team-members. She asks Tom to buy her a drink then begins to flit playfully with him for quite a long time before it becomes very clear that Tom is trying to bed her and Sorin makes a quick escape. Abraxas leaves the area, since he sees himself intruding on Tom’s attempts and meets with a small scrawny noble who offers him a job. He desires the Dray to act as a guardsman for an upcoming wedding (Mezabran’s). He will pay him 50 gold pieces for the event. Abraxas takes down his information and says he will get back with him.
Another woman approaches Tom after Sorin leaves, but he is put out by the recent events and thanks her, but sends her on her way. Sorin returns in a different guise that the party has seen. Remembering that he was watching the Kreen C’tl, Tom looks over and is startled that the kreen is looking right at him. He attempts to hide his features and Sorin “aids” him by kicking him in the shin, causing the half-elf to double over in pain. While he is down, Sorin brushes his face and uses her magic to subtly change his features. The kreen passes by with only a sidelong glance. Tom rubs his hurt shin and thanks Sorin.
Over at one of the tables a drunk human man punches a mul bouncer, their jostle causes a single gold piece to roll to Tom’s feet and the half-elf picks it up. Their clash causes more gold to spill out across the floor and everyone close dives towards the money. A brawl breaks out. On the far side of the casino, a handsome man with black hair put into a pony-tail descends half-way down a stairwell and commands a dozen guards in another room to “attend” to the problem. It takes about 5 minutes for the brawl to calm down. After things begin to calm, the bartender accuses Tom and says that he better give the gold piece back. Tom threatens him and the bar-tender backs off scared and winds up giving the half-elf a free drink. The man with the pony-tail is scanning the outskirts of the winding-down brawl, checking for people trying to make off with a few coins. The party comes together at the bar and talks for a bit. Tom asks Sorin why she recommended this casino. Sorin reveals that she had never actually been here and the other two party members remember that Sorin once spoke of a casino in conjunction with Grinis, Sorin’s evil daughter-in-law. This causes an “ah’ha” response from the party. Sorin takes a few minutes to check out the joint, looking for anything to do with her soon-to-be vengeance.
While chatting, the party overhears a conversation going on about a third king who will be soon entering the city.
Two guards soon approach the bar and begin talking over a meal about a pack of Genasi coming round the street outside. They speak about how strange they are. Sorin mentions in low tones that she has always been curious about them since they heard the rumor that a meteor hit their isle out in the silt.
The party decides it is time to leave and just as they do, Sorin sees the target of her ire, Grenis descends the stairs. She approaches the bar causing Sorin to pause and gets a special bottle of wine “Admonith Jenock” from under the counter. Sorin approaches and bumps into her and apologizes very sarcastically. Grenis steps around Sorin with a disgusted look on her face and heads back upstairs.
The party then leaves and sees the mob of Genasi coming down the street. Surprised, the party stops to look. The whole group is very curious and gawks at everything. They see a sand one, a wind one, several fire ones, and at their head is an old woman genasi made of rock. The genasi begin to stair and laugh at the Mul. The feeling is mutual until a few dozen begin to gather, then they start to make the Muls uncomfortable. The old rock genasi waves the group on. The leader now in the front flicks her eyes to the party and then to the muls next to them, then very quickly back to Sorin. Her mouth drops open and she starts repeating Cenalis Mukha, growing louder with each repetition. All the genasi stop, some as if stunned and begin to look at Sorin with reverence on their face. Sorin is quite confused. The genasi begin to kneel before the eladrin. Sorin tries to speak in her own elemental language to the leader. Abraxas moves forward to scatter the group and picks up their leader who is horrified and acts like Abraxas’s touch is burning her (it isn’t). The leader cries out and the group flees. Sorin takes the leader who falls to the ground after Abraxas drops her and goes with her into a nearby alley. The muls, who were initially very suspicious talk about how strange that was.
Sorin speaks in her elemental language to the earth genasi. It is obvious that the language Sorin is using is not the genani’s first language. Sorin asks why the genasi did that. The earth genasi says that it is because Sorin is a crystal daughter. Her gaze then changes, she thinks Sorin is now going to do something special, but the eladrin is at a loss. The genasi says “You must know the way to heaven. Lead us, we are ready”. When the eladrin continues to be confused. “You must have a way to get there.”After she is still at a loss the genasi whistles loudly and says "it is alright, we understand that you must be secretive in this place, we will find you again. The earth genasi leaves Sorin with many questions. The dwarves all begin coming up with strange and exotic reasons why that event occurred. Tom and Abraxas leave quickly back to the brothel.
As Abraxas walks through the streets he sees something strange fly over his head. He believes it is a man flying on a carpet, sweeping quickly out of an alley way and into another… but that’s crazy so he dismisses it immediately. Eventually the group meets back up at the brothel/inn. The party goes to sleep.
In the morning Drokan approaches the party and mentions a place where they can get great deals on leather-wear. That is what he has spent his day doing. Therai comes down the stairs and seems very tired. The party teases him but he seems happy. (they think he got laid) Brokenscale comes down about mid morning, but he looks bruised from the day before. the older dray asks the party if they know somewhere he can get his claymores. fixed. Tanark comes down without much fanfair. Kacha’ak comes too but says he is going out immediately.
That day Abraxas goes with Brokenscale to get his father’s claymores fixed. Sorin stays in with her grandchildren. Therai stays in as well and hangs out. Tom tries to enter a psionic mediation but finds himself unable without Therai’s aid. Kacha’ak comes back in the late afternoon and join the rest. At dinner Abraxas tells the party about his job offer last night. The party thinks it is very little money, and they will be busy right then with getting ready to kill Bejein.
That night all the party except Abraxas heads out onto the streets. Later that night, within his own room practing with his new powers Abraxas sees out of the corner of his eye a huge figure behind him in the room; but when he turns to see it, the figure is gone. Drokan scares the hell out of the dray by knocking on the door. Not knowing who is behind the doorway, Abraxas answers with his sword behind his back, but the dwarf only invites Abraxas out for a smoke. At first it seems as though Drokan is interested in information about the parties decision concerning the tournament, but Abraxas has no information for him. Drokan then asks Abraxas about the shield, and whether it is still talking. Abraxas says that it talks about “dwarf” things mostly. After a bit, Drokan begins to talk with the dray about their respective families, marriages and children. He strangely beings up that Therai may need some direction from Abraxas. After that short conversation, Drokan explains that Asteron, the horned demon will be competing with his huge brother in the Nibenay tournament.
When Drokan heads back inside the brothel and Abraxas is smoking in peace for a moment, the sky suddenly explodes and he sees a huge shape of a demon emerge from a massive cloud of smoke that billows up from the horizon. The dray then hears Nibenay himself use a psionic call to tell the demon that nothing of his world shall exist in his city, and the two begin to fight.
At that moment Tom is getting the hilt of a dagger shoved into his bloody hands (stuff happened outside of game) and in the minds of dozens of demon-hunters that are around the half-elf, they all hear someone scream “Amutaur!”. Then their is an explosion. Startled, all the hunters ascend from the depths of their cavern and look outside to see a huge battle going on between a gigantic demon (Amutaur) and what appears to be Nibenay and Lalali-puy. Tom seems less enthusiastic and jogs behind the many. As the hunters climb up the latter they gather in the upper area of the house. The many of them then hear Nibenay call out his challenge. Espen the hunter’s leader says that they are going to send out some scouts but nothing more. Hopefully if the kings are already fighting they will send the demon-lord back to the abyss quickly and with some ease.
Abraxas sees the demon summon a whip of lightning and a sword of fire, then begin fighting very tiny things. After a minute of fighting, Abraxas sees an explosion blast the demon and feels an intense defiling that sucks the breath out of him. The demon falls and whatever that was seems to be over.
Abraxas goes to Therai’s room and finds the tiefling kneeling next to his bed. The tiefling says he didn’t know where the noise was coming from and that is why he is listening near the floor. Abraxas explains the very strange situation that Therai failed to see. Therai wants to go check it out, Abraxas wants to wait. The two wait for Sorin to return by getting drinks.
Back with Tom the scouts return and say that the kings banished the demon. A magic-user among them clutched at her chest and said that the kings used a powerful magic. The hunters decide to split up and head back home since the city is likely to go into lock-down. Eventually, late into the night, all the party returns. The brothel is packed. When Sorin, who is the last party member to returns enters, she gets a bottle of whisky. Wanting answers, everyone in the traveling group goes into Sorin’s room. Tom shoots a lot of questions about House Shom, but Sorin doesn’t know much about the house except that it is leveled. Sorin plays dumb until a few party members leave, Drokan, Brokenscale and Clem, Mul and Irastus head out when Sorin asks to speak with the close party-members about the tournament.
Sorin explains that she was at House Shom and they were hosting a masquerade. The demon was summoned by The Red Dread. Therai seems surprised. The party discussed the possibility that the demon cultists outside the city and The Red Dread are working together, but it seems slim at best. Tom comments that he thought the Red Dread was a force for good, but Sorin says he is a force for chaos. Sorin keeps looking at Therai. Finally the tiefling gets agitated and asks what is wrong. Sorin says she has something sensitive to tell therai and doesn’t know if he wants the whole party knowing, but he is ok with it, it concerns the note he received from his father when they left the Silver Springs. Therai explains the contents of the note, that he has a brother Urik and a mother named Yul, who is still alive.
Sorin explains that she think she saw Urik today, and he is the Red Dread. She explains that she went to a meeting that night at House Shom with powerful people and it was interrupted by the Red Dread, who summoned Amutaur in order to destroy everything.
Therai is shaking when he stands up and tells the group that he needs to show them something. He takes them to his room and tells them to close the door. Therai turns to Sorin and explains that when they were out in the desert Sorin said some words that stuck with the tiefling, about being weak and helpless and that people are complacent and allow these bad things to happen. He took those words to heart and decided he wasn’t going to be one of those people anymore. He pulls a mock-Red Dread mask and shoes specially designed to look like he has feet (they have wood inside to fit his hooves). Sorin then pulls out one of the Red Dread’s swords, a bone scimitar which she asks Therai to touch. Nothing happens. Therai then pulls out a magic carpet and tells the party that it was he, dressed as the Red Dread who killed the shadow-guard the other night and lit the Nibenay flag on fire. He found the carpet for sale in the market place and the vendor had no idea what it was, he bought it quickly but kept it secret so he could do some good. That is why he has looked tired lately, he has been up at night doing these deeds against the throne. He has used the Red Dread persona because it protected both Therai and his friends, since the acts would be blamed on the bandit, and he wants to act like him because everyone spoke about the Red Dread like he was a hero. The party messes with the magic carpet, standing on it’s floating threads. Therai promises that he isn’t going to wear the mask anymore.
Sorin then starts revealing more information she gained earlier in the night. She tells the party that the kings are attempting to rewrite their current status-quo and create a three way pantheon, with Androponis being the sun, Lalali-puy being the moon and Nibenay being the sky. The other kings will still be enemies and hated. Sorin then is able to tell the party about times before in history that the sorcerer kings joined together to face a greater threat. Sorin guesses that it is Dregoth/Badna (who are the same guy) and that he is in Gustinal, the ruins of his ancient kingdom. Bejein may be working with Badna, also Abalach-Re may still be under Dregoth’s thumb. (she worked with Dregoth the last time he came around, but eventually betrayed him and told the other kings about his plans, and that is when they teamed up against him)
Abraxas shares that Asteron is going to be at the tournament. Sorin shares that Drokan is Bruthambar’s father. The party wonders about their family dynamic in which the father calls the son by his first name, but Sorin suggests that Drokan doesn’t want people to know their real relationship.
A few days pass. It is their 7th day in Nibenay. Abraxas comes down for breakfast and Drokan begins to speak with him about becoming a Arms-Trubador with Sorin. Abraxas says he just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Sorin comes down and presents the floor plan of Mezabran’s household and the group begins to plan how to enter. Eventually the group decided the best plan is to go through the sewer.


Gunthru Gunthru

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