Red Sand & Black Sun

The End of Mezabran

We open in the middle of the fight with Bejein. He claims he is about to become more powerful. Suddenly Abrasis is dropped by the demon, at least he should be, but instead he hulks out and grows two extra arms. He looks just like the servants of Dregoth. Bejein does indeed lose all his flesh and starts radiating abyssal ice that even the strangely cold resistant Sorin is chilled by. Bejein is now a “living” demon skeleton.

The whole group is freaked out by the monster Abraxis has suddenly become, but because of the ritual Sorrin cast on the group before the fight began, we were able to tell that he was still in there, somewhere…

Battle continues for a long time (irl) but not that long (in game)
The portal solidifies as we strike the demon. Sorrin is able to see an enormous figure on the other side with a lightning whip. It is sending through a terrible cold and a horde of tiny demons to Bejein. Sorrin is also able to transform some of the evil ice around her into pure clean ice, but soon the horde of ice demons swarm closer and the group must flee. The monster that is Abraxis continues attacking the fallen demon, ignoring the advancing horde, the rest of the group flees up the tunnel, chased by the abyssal minions before they are called back. Therai tries to go back down before they are all gone to save Abraxis, but is stopped by Sorrin and Tom. Tanarch has Tassa. At the end we felt his mind leave him and become feral (through the ritual). Stasis flickers on and off, each time further away, but finally goes out entirely. As soon as it is all clear we head back down stairs. We note that the ice is gone, as are the remains of Bejein and also Abraxis.

Sorrin goes to collect the book of rituals and all components. Tom retrieves Blood. Then we all gather around the fallen shield. It does talk to us and says it isn’t alone. Bejein’s ghost protectors appear and say that they are freed of the demon, but if they aren’t claimed they will “pass on”. They ask one of us to bind to them. Tom accepts them at the last second. they offer eyes where we can’t go/see. Also they all 3 need to go to the same person. Sorrin determines that Abraxis’s body (at least) left the building through the wall. Therai attempts to psionically find him, but has no luck.

We see plants coming up out of spots on the floor where Abraxis’s blood fell, in the fashion of Hazar. They are all plants common to Athas. Soon we hear sounds coming from the upper levels. The group decides to use the ghosts to investigate. They promptly report back that the assassin of Nibenay, High Consort Denja- leader of the secret police is upstairs with many guards. We decide to make a run for it down the tunnels. Sorrin rips off the fluffy wedding dress and wraps her in Sorrin’s own cloak. We all hurry sneakily to the tunnel hole. Sorrin brings up the rear and releases the shrink spell off the iron grate to block off pursuit. We run and hide in the catacombs. After the clang of metal on stone clears, a female voice threatens us…. We use Tom’s map to navigate to one of Sorrin’s personal safe-houses in the city. We lay low for a bit, Sorrin goes and retreives food for everyone. Also Tassa awakens. Tanark asks Sorrin if he can stay there with Tassa until she is better. Sorrin shows herself to be an OCD cleaner, much to Tom’s amusement. We learn that Tassa has had no clue what has been going on since here trek to Nibenay from the Maladaran. We talk about how he kept bringing her back to life and she says she doesn’t know how he did it, but she believes it was him.

She didn’t know the other kings were in the city. Sorrin says she has a buyer for Tassa’s new house. Tassa offers it to her for 200gc. Tassa says something in Primordial to which Sorrin automatically responds. We discuss what to do about Abraxis. Kacha’ak is going to tell Brokenscale and the two plan to track him down. The siblings bicker a bit because Tassa wants to spar. The group intervenes and convinces her to chill out. Before we head out, Tanark gives Vindicator to Sorrin and she gives him her rapier. The group decides to meet up individually at the inn. Sorrin has to make a detour.
Tom splits off to run an errand.
Sorrin arrives back at the inn and goes to Therai’s table. He is eating again. The eladrin and the tiefling discuss Therai’s blossoming potential, he is becoming a psychic warrior who uses fear as a weapon. While waiting Sorrin inquires about Bruthambar. He soon after arrives accompanied by about 30 dwarven guards.

We go up and talk to the bearded dwarf upstairs in his room. We discuss the tournament. All the group, minus Abraxis and Sorin are going to be staying in the “care” of Bruthambar at the palace. Sorin refuses to come yet on the grounds that she has stuff she needs to do without being under the scrutiny of the kings. Bruthambar mentions trouble on the silt estuary.

The group will enter under The New Silt Serpants. Bruthambar believes his guards will be able to protect us from assassins and foul play. He also gifts us with iron armbands of power. Sorrin stays behind to discuss some business with the dwarf.

9 days till the tournament. Sorrin won’t join till 4 days before.
the minotaur brothers
Ikab the Razor- a drajian elven gladiator slave. He uses metal knives that can cut through stone. Also has a group.
Sch’keh- a Yuan-ti from the forest ridge, he is entering solo.

Bashurn, the Trapsmith- he is the guy who designed the arena. He is from Raam.

No champs for the cities which the three kings are from.


Gunthru Gunthru

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