Red Sand & Black Sun

The Whisperer of Madness

At the end of last session the party decided to move to the Bazzrag’s Bowl where huge fat bazzrags roam beneath patrons feet and eat their leftovers. The party takes note of a young eladrin girl sitting across the tavern with a half-giant guard. After eating, the party goes back to Sorin’s room and discusses plans over the diagrams of Mezabran’s house which Sorin obtained. Sorin turns to Tanark and asks him if he has any clues about how they could go about getting in. When Tanark has a hard time remembering Therai aids him psychically and he remembers that a specific room on the diagram has a wall broken out and covered with a tapestry which Mezabran uses to get down to an underground lair with a small connection with the sewer system. When he first tried to escape he used that very same small tunnel to try and run away.
Tanark talks about the time he escaped Mezabran, saying it was a rainy day and he was forced to leave Tassa behind since she was far away with the demonic noble when his opportunity arose. After much discussion the party seems to lean in the direction of taking this sewer entrance into the underground lair and surprising the demon there.
Abraxas says that he is going to go “cloths shopping” and proceeds to spread some clever rumors about Lord Mezabran, he spins the nobles wedding as a desperate event of a love-struck puppy, marrying a girl well below his station from a destitute household and then, fearful of retribution, fleeing Nibenay. In mentioning his intention to hurt Mezabran’s reputation, Sorin says that it is already underway and Tom also mentions that Mezabran’s greatest backer, Lord Brathen is dead. This comes as a surprise to everyone, but the only thing Tom will explain about the event is “he made me an offer I had to refuse”
The party gets onto the topic about why Mezabran wants to marry Tassa at all. They first think back to the theory about her becoming somehow more valuable for sacrifice after the bond is formed beneath Nibenay’s gaze. Then they think that because Therai feels that Mezabran is prone to obsession and Tanark knows that he obsesses over his own freedom, that perhaps he is going to trade the “more” valuable Tassa to another demon to secure his own freedom. Then Kacha’ak has the idea that with Tassa coming back to life, she could be used for infinite sacrifices, which would make her valuable indeed.
Just as the planning is wrapping up, Drokan knocks and enters with a piece of paper. He shares how he was out in the market at the Sages Square and he saw a number of ruffian boys looking at a strange piece of graffiti that he recolonized from his days of giant fighting. He shows the party a six-fingered hand that was painted on an ally wall, the boys who saw it ran away like it scared them. Drokan associates the symbol with giant-sympathizers but the other party members know it differently. Tom associates the symbol with rebels and anti-king propaganda. Sorin and Abraxas associate it with demonic cults but both know the truth, that the symbol is a catch all for many different rebel groups and cultists. The true nature of the symbol was that it was a mark representing an ancient group of shamanistic warriors who had associations with no king and were refereed to as the “Dark Sun”. The group assures Drokan that in this case it is not a symbol of giant sympathizers and Drokan relaxes “well, then we have nothing to worry about” he says.
The party finalizes their plans for Mezabran and Tanark goes to get some equipment, such as grappling hooks and boot spikes for the underground sewers, which can run into catacombs. Abraxas goes to spread his rumors and Sorin and Tom go out and do their own thing (clandestine activities).
Tom manages to secure maps to the catacombs for the party and the next morning the group goes and in secret, climbs down into the sewers a block or so away from Mezabran’s household, in the grounded nobles district. As the group climbs down they find themselves in a series of dark tunnels. Pulling out the maps they follow them until Kacha’ak hears a strange noise ahead and goes to investigate. When he returns he says that their are 30 or so cocoons ahead of giant moth babies. The party, knowing that the moths are not dangerous to people head past them and find the very same long tunnel that Tanark once tried to escape Mezabran’s house through. They see that it will be a tight squeeze. After Kacha’ak crawls all the way to the end, he sees that the opening into a far larger cave is blocked by a metal grate. Tanark laments that it was most likely put in after his previous escape attempt. Sorin has the solution and uses a ritual to shrink the grates size and it rips away from the wall. The eladrin puts the metal object in her pocket and the party climbs into a huge cavern with a live stable portal inside. Upon further inspection Kacha’ak declares that this is the rumored demon-gate, an object made during his ancestors time that was supposed to capture Bejein. It seems that the demon has turned the object to his own ends. Small demons clamor around it, and a bitter chill that seems to effect everyone but Sorin.
The eladrin approaches and looks at a book next to the gate. A tome is open to an ancient page with abyssal language scrawled in blood. Sorin leafs through the boo and finds a ritual to translate the text, which she uses. With the language unraveled Sorin plans to make use of some of the powerful magics she finds. The portal appears to be situated on a powerful leyline and much preparation has gone into it’s activation, so even the eladrin cannot turn it off without a lot of time. Instead she uses a magic she finds to trap ghosts, hoping to ensnare Bejein’s three warrior servants. She casts the spell and finds that her net actually catches two ghosts who acted as watchers of this place, a dwarf and an elf. The two creature are bound to Sorin for the time and cannot warn Bejein of the parties presence down here. With other information the spirits give, Sorin is able to switch some ingredients of the ritual to backfire on the demon, just when he thinks all is well. The switch is made and the party lies in wait for Bejein. The man Mezabran returns in a few hours and tosses a drugged Tassa on the floor then, with his ghosts all around him, approaches the alter and begins to cast his magic. When the inevitable lashing of magic backfires on the demon in his huge “true” form, the party attacks and a battle for the ages begins.


Gunthru Gunthru

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